What to bring to your first meeting with your attorney for a divorce

Checklist For Beginning Divorce Process


It’s important to discuss with your attorney what exactly you’re going to expect, need and want coming into this process. From housing and custody to finances and support, it is imperative that you prepare for this process to help make it go as smoothly as it can go. Make a substantial step in the course by coming to your attorney with a checklist.

Issues relating to Children: When children are involved in the divorce, it’s important to ensure the plan is in place in the beginning of the process. Some things to consider discussing will be;

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody both legal and physical
  • Visitation with the non – custodial parent
  • Health Insurance and Dental Insurance and who’s responsibility it will be to provide these things
  • Claiming children for tax purposes
  • Beneficiaries of Life Insurance Policies
  • Religious Up Bringing of the children
  • College Education plans

Property Issues:

It’s of the utmost importance to ensure a plan for equally dividing who will take what when the divorce is finalized. Some things to consider discussing include:

  • Equity in the Marital Residence
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Personal Property
  • Checking and Saving Account Values
  • Stocks, Bonds, and Other Securities
  • Hidden Assets and Debts
Moving forward from divorce.

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