Juvenile Law

Juvenile Law encompasses a wide range of legal services for minors. Navigating the intricacies of legal proceedings for children requires experienced attorneys to explain your rights and your options.

The state of Connecticut defines a juvenile as anyone under the age of 18. This is important in criminal cases with juvenile defendants, in particular. In most instances, juvenile cases fall into three groups: criminal, abuse or neglect, and need of services.

Criminal Services

Criminal acts performed, or allegedly performed, by minors are generally tried under a different set of circumstances. At times, cases are referred to adult courts. If your minor child or dependent has been accused of a criminal offense, you must seek strong legal defense. Keiran Costello and his partners Christopher Brennan and Claire DeVidas have more than 20 years of experience in Criminal Litigation.

Abuse/Neglect Cases

In the state of Connecticut, abuse is present if a child has received physical injuries other than by accident, has injuries inconsistent with the reasoning for them, or is in a situation that is the result of mistreatment. Neglect is defined as having been abandoned, denied proper care (physical, education, emotional or moral), living in unsafe conditions, or abused. (Connecticut Gen. Stat. § 17a-101a)

In Abuse/Neglect cases, legal representation for the minor is often court-appointed, although other family members may secure legal representation on behalf of the minor. Unfortunately, parents also find themselves in need of legal counsel in Abuse/Neglect cases. Whether wrongfully accused or the result of a custodial disagreement, Costello, Brennan, Devidas, Sasso, & Sinclair, P.C has a team of attorneys able to assist during these emotionally charged cases.


Need of Services

While criminal and abuse cases familiar in juvenile law, the last category may not be. The need of services in juvenile law often relates to a child’s educational or medical needs. Costello, Brennan, Devidas, Sasso, & Sinclair, P.C have been representing clients in Juvenile Law for many years.

With the growing recognition of students with learning needs, the arena of Juvenile Law has seen a shift towards ensuring children’s educational rights. Our team of attorneys works hard to help young people and their parents with school matters. We work with parents to advocate for their children, attending expulsion, and disciplinary hearings to keep children in school. Our attorneys believe that there is usually little value in preventing a teen from obtaining an education. We will fight hard to help a child continue his or her schooling.

Costello, Brennan, Devidas, Sasso, & Sinclair, P.C, can offer a wide variety of legal services in the area of Juvenile Law.

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