Client Testimonials

“Kieran and Megan are exceptional, incredibly sharp, solid, quick, organized, impeccable, dedicated and supportive. They fiercely advocated for me and my son and helped me to win EXACTLY what I wanted and more in terms of custody and divorce settlement orders. Kieran’s knowledge and experience with domestic violence cases is rare and unmatched in the area, and in his field.

Before I met Kieran and Megan, I thought my divorce with my narcissistic abusive ex would be an impossible battle to win. I felt exasperated and scared of my ex and there were many times, throughout the divorce process, when I was ready to give up. However, Kieran and Megan always believed me, validated, supported and reassured me every step of the way. When I was ready to give up, Kieran and Megan kindly reminded me to stay the course, to never give up and to never stop fighting for what is right. As the proceedings continued, Kieran and Megan’s unyielding support, protection, expertise, speediness and effective communication with me, helped me to continue to feel reassured and increasingly confident throughout the divorce process, which culminated in an unprecedented victory at the last day of my trial, a moment I will never forget, when justice prevailed!

As I look back on the experience, I feel that Kieran and Megan carried me through a very dark and tumultuous time in my life with professionalism, grace, humor and ease.

Kieran and Megan, we won! I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me and my son. You are truly both angels to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! Thanks to you, my son and I now have a bright peaceful future ahead of us to enjoy! I will forever be indebted to you both for the enormous impact you have made on our lives and and I will never forget you.”

-Your very grateful client from Fairfield County

“I hired Claire DeVidas to represent me in my divorce. It started out very simple, but quickly turned into a way more complicated financial situation than expected. Claire helped me sort through all of the details, made recommendations for appraisals where needed, and helped me get a clear picture of our starting point. Then my (now ex) husband started getting escalated as we were working through all the details. I was walking a fine line between wanting to have a good settlement, not wanting to escalate him to the point of going to trial, and not wanting to take more than I felt was fair. Claire had the perfect balance of empowering me while respecting my wishes. I ended up very happy with my settlement, not having to go to trial, and had an amicable closure with my (ex) husband. I am very grateful to Claire for her expert and caring support, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a divorce attorney!”

-A. Sarai

“I wanted to thank Claire DeVidas one final time for everything she did for us, for all her help! I don’t think the legal aspect of our divorce process would have gone nearly as smoothly without her guidance and expertise- for this I am very grateful!”

– Sebastian S., Weston

“Divorce is, almost without exception, a difficult and painful process. I am incredibly grateful to Kieran Costello, Megan Leffard, and everyone at Costello, Brennan, and DeVidas for guiding me through with expertise and compassion. They were professional, reliable, and communicative. I was never left wondering what was happening or why. When I reached out to give or receive information, responses came in a timely manner. I have recommended Kieran to a friend and will continue to recommend Kieran and Costello, Brennan, and DeVidas without hesitation. As my marriage deteriorated, I prayed for a miracle and found one. Many thanks for helping me navigate my way out of my previous situation and into my new life.”

-Anna B., Stamford

“There is no room for second best when battling divorce and domestic violence. It can be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. I count my blessings each day and thank God that Kieran Costello is on my side. His compassion, intelligence, and commitment to justice has and will continue to ensure the safety and well being in every way of both my child and myself. Not only can you trust that he will help you to achieve your desired outcome, you can trust that he and his staff are going to give it their all each step of the way. Only the best attorney will always ensure a return phone call before the end of the day and not only make sure your concerns are addressed, but end the conversation with a blessing…God Bless you Kieran and staff!”

-Lori E., Easton

“Kieran helped me get through the most difficult time in my life. He and his team were always fast to respond to my questions and gave me good advice at a time that when I found it difficult to think straight. He always took the time to explain the process to me. Kieran went out of his way to get the other side to work with us and come to a settlement.He worked to bring closure and expedite the divorce.
I never felt as though I was just an account at his firm. Not only did Costello, Brennan and DeVidas handle all of the issues involved with my divorce, they treated me with kindness, patience and understanding.
Kieran truly helped me to get back on my feet and re-start my life.
I wouldn’t want anyone to have to go though the pain of divorce, but if you find yourself in the same position that I faced, I highly recommend Kieran to help you get through it.”

-Michelle W., Fairfield

Thank you for helping me through a tough year.  I appreciate your professionalism in a situation that brought out the worst in me.  Your sense of humor and stellar staff are one of a kind!”

-Melissa B., Fairfield

“I was very pleased with the outcome of my case after being represented by Costello, Brennan & DeVidas, P.C. Their thoroughness and professionalism served me well in my divorce. I am very pleased to have had the representation that I did.”

-Erin C., Westport

“I anticipated that the divorce process would be a difficult one. However, with Costello, Brennan & DeVidas, P.C. I was kept informed and advised all along the way.That kind of communication made the process that much easier.”

-Kristen L., Fairfield

“Costello, Brennan & DeVidas, P.C. successfully negotiated a divorce agreement that served both me and my daughter well. I am very grateful for all of their hard work.”

-Jennifer T., Greenwich

“Attorney Costello was able to argue forcefully and successfully during my trial and to ultimately convince the Court to award me all that I was looking for.”

-Earl W., Seymour

“Thanks so much to Christopher Brennan and his team at Costello, Brennan & DeVidas, P.C. Thanks for the time and expertise he committed to my case. Much appreciation from all my friends and family as well.”

-Dawn K., Norwalk

“Thank you for the invaluable guidance, professional efforts, and the moral and emotional support and compassion. You are both a quality person and a stellar professional. I am very grateful to you for helping me to get through a very sad part of my life.”

-Mary H., Easton

“I thank you for keeping faith with me. You tried to protect me in the legal process; you never treated me as if I were crazy even when my choices must have seemed so. You listened to me patiently and compassionately when few would. I thank you, Kieran, to the end; you never tried to take advantage of my situation, as many others did. I know that your integrity and kindness will carry you through the challenges that inevitably come. I thank you for that kindness and integrity in our time together.”

-Rita B., Ridgefield